Wednesday, December 2, 2015

WWE Signs Dewey Foley

It is being reported that Dewey Foley, son of the legendary Mick Foley, has been hired by World Wrestling Entertainment as a creative writer. Various sources are also reporting that there are rumors of possible interest in Noelle Foley, as well.

Some may remember Dewey as the basis for a promo done by Cactus Jack while in ECW after a fan brought a sign that read "Cane Dewey." Foley unleashed on the ECW fanbase's misguided passion and today is still one of Foley's most famous performances.

Cactus has also been voicing his opinions and thoughts regarding the current WWE product, as evident by his recent Facebook post regarding the topic and his appearance on Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast. Foley has been critical over the past few weeks over creative direction for live television shows.

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