Tuesday, July 29, 2014

WWE Reportedly Very Upset With AJ Lee's Promo Work

According to several sources within the creative team, WWE is supposedly very dissatisfied with AJ Lee's in-ring promos. 

It is being said that AJ has been given several opportunities for improvement, such as her run as General Manager, pairing with talented mic guys CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler, and a lengthy heel run.   

It is now also being reported that Dusty Rhodes and Fit Finlay have taken it upon themselves to step in and mentor her on her way to her lengthy babyface run.  It is also being said that if improvement isn't immediate, then the company may go in a different direction in regards to the top babyface Diva of the company.  Natalya Neidhart is said to have been very impressive on-mic and in-ring lately at house shows.  

We will have more on this story as we receive updates from our sources.   


  1. aj and paige are the only divas worth watching if they really got that sick of aj and replaced her with natalya you can bet that ratings will drastically drop once she appears on tv nobody cares about nattie shes boring shes a good wrestler but lets face it she wouldnt still be working for wwe if she wasent a hart. i think aj has been awesome i ahvent had any issues with what shes done since coming back i think its just the wwe mad with cm punk and there taking it out on aj since shes now his wife and all

    1. I don't think ratings would drop at all. The Divas wrestling doesn't effect ratings at all, and if they did, Natalya would not cause them to "drop dramatically" whatsoever.

    2. i don't think they are mad at her about cm punk if they are giving her dusty rhodes to work with... i think they're only trying to help her stay in the top spot.