Wednesday, April 10, 2013

John Cena Has A Message For Ray J

The following is from CNN's Marquee Blogs:

Professional wrestler John Cena is not a fan of Ray J's 'I Hit It First'

Despite Ray J’s best efforts to set the record straight, his latest track, “I Hit It First,” is making waves in some unusual places.

The tune, which many listeners believe references the singer’s former girlfriend (and sex tape cohort) Kim Kardashian, doesn’t sit well with WWE Wrestlemania champ John Cena.

The professional wrestler recently told CNN, “If he’s ridiculous enough to make a song as stupid as that, he certainly is ridiculous enough to make a bad decision to step in the ring with John Cena anytime, anywhere. I would love for him to be a superstar for a day on WWE and I’d hopefully knock some class into him.”

But, as Ray J told New York’s Hot 97 on Monday, “It's a song. It's not about [Kim]. It's about a concept. You know what I’m saying? People going way too deep.”

That explanation might have carried more weight if the song’s lyrics didn’t go as follows: “You might move on to rappers and ballplayers but we all know I hit it first.”

After dating the singer, Kardashian was linked to several athletes, including Kris Humphries, who she wed in 2011. Meanwhile, the reality star and rapper Kanye are currently expecting their first child.

When asked what Kimye should do about Ray J’s song, Cena replied, “They should do absolutely nothing. … Ray J just wants attention and the worst thing you can do in a situation like that is nod your cap. Do nothing. If you do nothing then it’s not successful.”

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